Multifunctional highrize

Stuttgart, Germany

This conceptional skyscraper SkySquare is placed in Stuttgart. Geographically the city lies in the valley and is surrounded by hills for wine production. The city has been growing and has expanded out of the valley. The possibility to gain more space in this situation was expanding vertically towards the sky.

The whole structure of the buildings consists of the formation of the boxes. The orientation of the boxes is according the sunlight and shadow simulation and optimization. The form of the skyscraper is opened to make it possible to look through and to see the horizon and the wine hills – a special and important landmark in Stuttgart. At the same time the square underneath the building is left for the public space.
Some of the boxes are melted together to gain an extra-large space for public needs (concert hall, expositions hall, etc.).
Since the city lies in the wine area, wine-plants are used as the sun-shading-elements on the facade. In summer when most needed the leaves partly cover the facade from the penetrating sunlight and they help to protect it from overheating. In the winter the plants lose the leaves to let more sun inside when it is needed. The plants are located on the South-East and South -West facades.
For the plant-free facades on the North-West and North-East sides there is an Interspaces-concept. It is a technique where the city behind the tower is being filmed and projected on the facade using semi-transparent LED panels. This technique creates the impression that the building is invisible. This multi-media façade enables far beyond that – it will project sky or the views from other places making the surface of the building as a large screen changing the usual meaning of the façade.