Archive - building for the exhibition "documenta"

Kassel, Germany

Since 1955, every 5 years in Kassel there is a world-wide important exhibition of contemporary art called the documenta. The exhibition is 100 days long and there are artists invited from all over the world. During the exhibition the artworks are placed all over the city and visitors can experience the artwork as they walk throughout the city of Kassel.

This project Krake.open is an archive of the exhibition documenta – the place where people can experience the history and the present of the exhibition and to get connected to other people.

The main part of the building is lifted to leave the square under it free for public use. This is a special newly formed square where people can perform, dance or experience art. The building above the square is where the archive is based. Figuratively, the art sleeping upstairs and downstairs the art living.

The so called tentacles of the building are spread through the city. If you follow them you would reach spots, parks, and artworks dedicated for the city and documenta. Sometimes the spreading tentacles are just a green strip on the pavement and sometimes it turns into small buildings like Cafés, exhibition rooms, meeting rooms, a Library and information points where guests can learn more about the city.

The building is like a positive parasite of the city connecting the city together with its tentacles - it increases the diversity of creative-life for the cities inhabitants and visitors.

The surface of the building mainly covered with grass and plants. The plants and flowers will change color with the seasons, therefor changing the appearance of the building.
The new building will function as a bridge to the high-society- artists and street artists. This is a place where people can research the past and discover the present. A place where people can meet, discuss and spend some time together. It is a place where everyone can come together and be creative.