"Atoll Eden"

University Campus

Le Havre, France

This project deals with an Island in the Harbor City Le Havre in French Normandy. The location of the island is between the UNESCO city center and the Petrol Productions and it’s storage site of the harbor. The function of the island is a parking lot for the cars waiting for the incoming and outgoing cruise ships. The new function of the island should consist of: an university with the emphasis on sustainability, engineering and economics, an advanced technical-research-center researching about future technologies and an additional center researching alternative energy supplies. The whole area has a second “green layer” – a green roof as a park and gardens for the students and an area for photovoltaic panels. Because of the programmatic diversity and the intense research for Future advances the name “Atoll of Eden” was chosen.

To emphasize the difference between the old and new, the base of the model is made of used wooden planks that were after treated with a sandblast method and the structure is of a deep-drawn plexiglas.